Hardscapes & Outdoor Living

Outdoor living in Florida is a luxury most people envy! We understand how important it is to go beyond the basic landscape. This is why we take your thoughts, concerns and put it together with our knowledge to come up with your new dreamscape. A landscape environment is more than plants and grass!

A landscape includes all of the functional and aesthetic features that create the atmosphere or environment of an area. Your Hardscape plays an important part of your dreamscape!


Southern Charm Landscape and Nursery provides Hardscape installation and design as another amenity to our services. Your Hardscape includes elements such as concrete pavers, brick pavers, walls, retaining walls, rock beds, fire pits and fire places, curbing, lighting & water features. Lets us incorporate a Hardscape feature to enhance your landscape!

Fire Pit and Outdoor Fire Places:
Fire pits and fire places are becoming very popular. Southern Charm Landscaping and Nursery can build a custom pit or place and compliment it with pavers, walls, lights, or sitting areas.



Interlocking pavers create style, color and eye-catching patterns while providing a durable and long-lasting surface.Patios, decks, walkways, driveways, and more!


Walls and decorative stone curbing:

We offer many types, colors and styles of wall materials! Ask us how we can add these elements to enhance your landscape.


Water Features:

The sound of cascading waterfalls and trickling streams throughout your property brings a sense of tranquility that transcends today’s stressful world. Water gardens result in a naturalistic escape from the every day grind that’s intended to soothe your soul. We offer a vast variety of water features to accentuate you landscape. Water features vary anywhere from ponds, streams, fountains to the more exotic elements such as pondless waterfalls.


Low Voltage Lighting:

There are a wide variety of low voltage lighting options that can accentuate your landscape as well. Lighting not only improves your landscape at night, but with the many different styles of accent lights, they can also improve your landscape during the day. With today’s landscape lighting you can up-light a tree, softly illuminate a pathway, or light up walks, driveways, and stairs for safety. There are millions of possibilities. Let’s choose yours together!

outdoor lighting

Arbors, Trellises, and Pergolas:

We offer a wide variety of Arbors, trellises, and Pergolas. We can design and install any of these elements in either wood, masonry, or PVC, material! Let us show you how we can incorporate one of these elements in your landscape!