Plant, Palm & Tree Care

Customer Care Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new plants! We strive to make sure you are purchasing high quality plant materials that will thrive in our environment.

There are many factors that can effect how your plants acclimate to their new home in your landscape project and we have put together a basic guideline to assist you in properly caring for them!

The following information should be used to help optimize establishment and long term health of your plants:


Watering is the most important factor in establishing your plants & trees.

Never let plants or trees delivered to your jobsite dry out! 

Shrubs, perennials, and grasses, during the 1st 6 weeks, water new plants at the rate of 3/4”daily. During the 2nd 6 weeks give 1” of water 3 times a week. From this point on, give 1” of water twice a week and your plants will be happy!

Trees & Palms, during the 1st three months, give trees 1 gallon of water per caliper inch of tree daily. During the next 3 months give trees 1 gallon of water per caliper inch of tree 3 times a week. After this, water twice a week giving them 1 gallon of water per caliper inch and your trees and palms will do well.


Fertilization is the equivalent to nutrition in humans. How much and what is ingested determines our health. Proper nutrition is the key to optimal growth and vigor of your plants & trees.

Fertilize your plants & trees in mid March, beginning of July, and mid September. Use a granular product containing 10-10-10 with minors. Apply in a scattered manner around the outer perimeter of root system.

Palms & Citrus require a “Palm & Citrus” formulation, normally clearly marked on the bag with instructions for application. Follow application instructions carefully and you will reap the rewards!


Pest & Disease Management is another factor that can dramatically affect your plants health. Proper identification of your plants problem is the key to applying the proper method of control.

There are three ways to control your pest problem. Biological, chemical, or mechanical controls are the choice of the Gardener, chemical being the most popular. Once you determine your problem, the treatment is typically the easy part! If you cant figure it out on your own, get some help from a professional. Either way, do your homework before you take action. It’s better for your plant and our environment!

Disease can be much more difficult to identify. Though many try to tackle this one, success is much harder to accomplish without proper training in identifying the problem . If your disease isn’t apparent or hasn’t been evaluated by a professional, it’s best to get help with this one! Doing the wrong thing, in most cases, does more harm to the plant than the problem you are trying to solve. Your local Extension Office is a great resource for the insistent Do-it-Yourselfer!


Pruning and trimming are both aesthetically pleasing and healthy if done correctly. Basically, pruning should be done in early spring around the middle of March, and during the growing season through September. After this, you risk losing plants due to burn from cold if we get an early frost. Though there are some exceptions to this guideline for pruning, you’re safe with most plants. If you are not sure, call your local Extension Office. They will help!


Proper planting is one of the most common mistakes Landscapers make. Planting depth is extremely important. Make sure your plants root ball is even or slightly above the finished grade. Planting too deep is one of the most common plant killers! Soil amendments are clearly beneficial to your plants, but not required. Adding organic materials to your planting practices will help feed and establish your new plants. Give your plants a couple of months to establish before you add fertilizer.


You are the most important factor in the success and health of your new landscape plants. “The right plant in the right place” and following these simple guidelines will increase your satisfaction in your project.


Thank you for choosing us!